September 5, 2015

Destructible Labels


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Destructible Security Labels

Protect your products with tamper evident destructible labels. Tamper mark labels that leave evidence if removed or tampered with. These labels are used to identify goods that have been tampered with and help prevent the misuse of valuable products under warranty, Destructible stickers  help identify the authenticity of products. Destructible security labels are known as self destructive labels as these will disintegrate into tits and bits on attempt of removal. These labels are used for anti-counterfeiting measures as tamper-evident seals to protect the brand identity. Get destructible labels with barcodes and serial numbers for added security.

Destructible Labels

With our full range of in-house facilities, we produce high-quality tamperproof stickers, tamper-evident labels, and destructible security labels for industrial and equipment manufacturers all across the USA and Canada. With no plate charges, digital printing enables us to create custom labels at low costs in smaller quantities. Our low minimum, short run label printing makes it easier than ever. Contact us for quick turnaround for digital printed destructible labels.


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