September 5, 2015

Tamper Proof Stickers


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Custom Tamper Proof Stickers

Get tamper proof sticker seals and tamper proof labels for jars. Prevent misuses as tamper stickers provide evidence on attempt of tampering. Tamper proof stickers provide effective tamper evidence for warranty void. Tamper proof security sticker seals will leave behind the VOID marks if removal is attempted. SILVER VOID and WHITE VOID stickers are used as tamper proof stickers. Get tamper poof asset labels printed with variable numbers and barcode for security and tracking. These will adhere to most hard surfaces, glass and metals. These are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Tamper proof security stickers are ideal for use on computers, electronics, calibration instruments, chemical drums, CCTVs, audio equipment, camera systems, smartphones, medical equipment, and for aircraft systems. Get tamper proof stickers for jars for food products, sauce bottles and honey jars.

Tamper Proof Stickers

Tamper proof stickers are used as perforated seals for hotel door seals. These are used to indicate that the room has not been entered since it was last cleaned and sanitized. These stickers are designed to tear along the perforations in the middle of the sticker when the room door is opened. Ask us for tamper proof sticker for jars. These seals are used as honey jar labels to secure the product against tampering. We have several types of tamper evident labels and warranty stickers, security seal stickers, and destructible labels. Contact us for more information on tamper proof stickers for free quotes.




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