September 5, 2015

Gold Stickers


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Gold Labels

Shiny gold stickers and reflective vinyl gold labels are ideal for labelling products. These give a final touch packaging with a professional look. Custom gold stickers are an excellent way to make your product shine and stand out. Make product labels with attractive option for labelling with a unique finish. Create safety and security instructions labels with white ink graphics printing on reflective gold labels. Reflective gold labels will adhere well to flat and curved surfaces. Command more attention with Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl / High Intensity Grade Reflective Vinyl and Diamond Grade Reflective Vinyl.

Gold stickers

We have options for shiny gold foil stickers and silver foils stickers that appear metallic in lighting. Available in gloss gold for a brilliant shine and matte gold for a more elegant appearance. Both of these options are high quality and offer a true golden yellow tone. These are long lasting labels with rich gold color highlighting the print details. Gold stickers letters are perfect as packaging labels for gift items, electronics and appliances. We provide digital printing for several types of industrial labels, reflective stickers, and holographic decals. Use shiny gold stickers to increase your brand awareness for marketing and advertising. Looking for ideas & inspiration? Contact us.


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