September 5, 2015

Tamper Evident Labels


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Custom Printed Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper Evident Labels show evident signs of tampering on attempt of removal. Secure sensitive products and delivery items with custom printed tamper evident labels. Customize your tamper proof labels to include logos, barcodes, consecutive number or number serialization. We can help you design one that fits your needs. When attempted to replace or remove the labels, these will get destructed showing the tampering effect. Get peace of mind that your products are protected with tamper evident security labels. Tamper VOID labels display the word “void” if removed from an item. Ask for SILVER VOID or WHITE VOID labels.

Tamper Evident Labels

We provide tamper evident labels for bottles and honey jars. Remain at peace that your products are covered with tamper proof labels for food. These tamper evident seal stickers on honey jars or bottles will detect product tampering at a glance. Tamper evident labels are often used in electronics, consumer items, equipment & tools, logistics, banks, and IT departments. We provide digital printing for various types of void labels, tamper proof stickers, and destructible labels. Contact us for free custom quotes and low minimum short runs.


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