September 5, 2015

Cold Weather Labels

Cold Weather Labels Printing

Cold weather labels will remain intact on the frozen product surface without falling off in cold temperatures. These durable cold resistant labels are ideal for application on various surfaces in cold areas inside the freezers. Cold weather labels stay good throughout snowy conditions and will survive on cars, buses, transits, snowmobiles and sledges. Use the cold temperature labeling for refrigeration equipment, refrigeration trucks and refrigeration pipes in industrial areas. These labels should be initially applied at room temperature. After application, these labels will sustain cold temperatures as expected. We have frozen food product labels for application in low temperature areas inside freezers and coolers. Businesses handling frozen products need freezer bond labels.

Cold Weather Labels

We print cold weather labels suitable for unheated warehouses and cold storage facilities. These labels are ideal for healthcare and medical industries. Ask us for low temperature labels suitable for manufacturing and food products. At Multicolor Labels, we provide digital printing for  freezer proof stickers. Contact us for quotes and low minimum short runs. We’re here to help your company for marketing needs with high quality, full-color cold weather  labels.


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